Thursday, October 23, 2014

Little Knit Socks

Today I am reminiscing about these little knit socks.

Helens rainbow socks

They are nothing special. Just basic kid socks. Just Patons Stretch Sock Yarn. Just stockinette.

Just wonderful, memory filled, smile inducing, little socks.

Why knit socks for kids? Won't they outgrow them, lose them, or worse ruin them? Yes. Maybe. One of these socks was lost, then it was found. They got dirty, and they were washed. They were outgrown (quickly), but passed on.

Helen loved them, but now so does Clare. Everytime she wears them she shows them off - these are the socks my mommy knit for me. I did. I knit them knowing that someday they would be for her... a second owner is still an owner.

Knit those kids socks. I know I will be knitting more.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Texas Fall and French Crochet

We are enjoying some occasional cooler weather here lately. I say occasional because one day (or three days - or more) it is 100F and then the next it is somewhere in the upper 80s with a breeze. Gotta love those breezes.

Is it really October? It doesn't feel like it. The baby is in size 6 months clothes (he is 2 months old), and all the 6 month stuff has long sleeves. Poor baby. He wishes it would cool down as much as I do, or that his Momma would run out and buy him some more appropriate clothing.

Bouquet baby blanket

I have been working on a custom baby blanket for a friend. I am calling it the "Bouquet Baby Blanket" because the pretty colors were inspired by this bouquet inspiration from The Knot.

Bouquet baby blanket

The pattern is a free pdf on Ravelry: Berce par les Vagues. It's a French crochet pattern, but there is a diagram of the stitch pattern and one of the other ravelers kindly put an English translation up in the comments section of her project page.

This has been a fun, quick project, but I am ready to get back to some regularly scheduled knitting.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Knitting through the newborn haze

It's been a while. Hello again!

The blogging me ebbs and flows. The mommy me doesn't get to do that.

Say hello to Benedict. He's pretty special.

Twin hat #1




Friday, February 7, 2014

If you let your kids do stuff...

If you let your kids do crafts, they will eventually start without you one morning.


If you let your kids use tools, like scissors and hole punches, they will learn to cut.


You will also sweep up a mess like this at least once or twice a day.


You will probably also end up eating breakfast mid-project.


But, they will ask you for playdoh instead of TV...


And they will amaze you with what they can do all on their own.

January 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ravellenic Games 2014

Tonight is the night!

I've been carding wool, and tuning up my spinning wheel in preparation for the Ravellenic Games.

rav games 2014

This year I will be spinning (and then knitting!) approximately seven ounces of brown Corriedale wool from the fleece that I purchased last summer at the Iowa State Fair.

rav games 2014

Participating in the games is a low key and friendly opportunity to set yourself a goal and then accomplish it during the course of the Olympic Games. I am on team Daybreak Dyeworks and team Coconut Two-Sters. The teams are mainly a place to discuss what you are working on and cheer for each other.

Last time I participated, the Summer Games I knit these Blomst mittens, my first colorwork project!

Blomst Mittens 1.4

Are you participating?

Monday, February 3, 2014

How I make yogurt in my dehydrator

I used to make yogurt like this because I didn't have a dehydrator, but then my whole world changed after my sweet husband found an Excalibur Dehydrator at a Goodwill for a shocking price.

Now I make yogurt in the dehydrator! I follow the instructions at Farm Bell Recipes.

I start with a gallon of milk and a big pot.

yogurt making 2014

You also need some leftover yogurt (make sure it is the kind with active cultures) and 5 quart mason jars if you are using the whole gallon of milk.

yogurt making 2014

I heat the milk on the stove to 180-185F... this takes 30 minutes or so on medium. Then remove it from the heat and let it cool to 110F, which takes FOREVER, but you don't want to chance killing your yogurt making buddies with too hot milk.

yogurt making 2014

I preheat my dehydrator to about 110F, Farm Bell says 105F the dehydrator says 115F - I pick the middle for no reason... The white lids are from Wal-Mart, are BPA free, and only cost a couple dollars... totally worth it!

yogurt making 2014

The yogurt goes in, and we wait 8 to 10 hours before moving it to the fridge to cool.

yogurt making 2014

mmmm. smoothies. A gallon of organic whole milk yogurt for $5 or $6, and lasts at least a month or so in the fridge. A delicious budget friendly treat!

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